Simple Tips To Block Sites On Your Own Windows 10 Computer

By | October 27th, 2019|Categories: Easy Website Builder|

Simple Tips To Block Sites On Your Own Windows 10 Computer A great deal of y our life is electronic today. We see tens of sites every time to take and share information. Nevertheless the sites we see may not be right for our children. It’s a good idea to block access to certain websites on your PC if you share your Windows 10 PC with your kids. While you can find tens of free and software that is commercial to block sites on A computer, you need to use the integral hosts file to block URLs on your own Windows PC. Simply by incorporating URLs of a web page to your host file, it is possible to block that web site on your computer. None associated with browsers set up on your PC shall have the ability to start those obstructed sites. Listed here are two effortless techniques to block sites on your own Windows 10 Computer by modifying the hosts file. Block sites by manually modifying the hosts file in Windows 10 Like said, it is possible to block sites on your own Windows 10 PC without setting up any extra computer software. All you have to do is modify the hosts file. Here’s how doing exactly that. Step one: start the Notepad system as administrator. To take action, type Notepad in Start/taskbar search industry to see Notepad program in search engine results, right-click in the Notepad entry, and Run that is then click as. Simply Simply Click Yes key whenever the User is seen by you Account Control prompt. Step two: during the Notepad system window, click File menu, click Open, replace the file type from Text papers to any or all Files (see image below). Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc (where “C” could be the drive page of the Windows 10 install drive), and choose the hosts file. […]